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meet us @ unDavos - 15-19 Jan

AI in Action, Climate Wick

UX/UI Web & Brand Designer

Diana K. Himmelreich


Diana K. Himmelreich
→ UX/UI Web & Visual Brand Designer: I believe design happens where style, functionality, technology, and our planet go hand in hand, creating remarkable experiences for people. ​→ Before embarking on this exciting journey, I had the incredible opportunity to work as an architect-designer. This diverse background has allowed me to: — focus on the information architecture, as well as details. — understand deeply the user-centered design principles, — be able to create visual experiences that bridge the gap between form and function, — be able to take concepts to final prototypes, whether working independently or as part of a team. — dig deep in sustainability topics such as LEED, green buildings, smart houses, smart cities, which are today the foundation of my affinity for climate & tech. → For brand visual concept developments, I strive to unlock the value of businesses, or personal images, to create that visual element that tells the story. → In addition, I'm a self-taught architecture photographer and active traveler. I'm passionate about design & innovation, fascinated by Web3 [NFTs, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Token Economy, DAOs], emerging technology, [VR, AR, AI with humanity in mind], and Climate Tech. → I believe machines are here to serve humanity and the planet,- to offer us better opportunities and a better lifestyle by improving productivity, automating tedious tasks, and reaching out to those who need the most. Portfolio → | X-iO → Where is the rabbit taking us? → I'm in

Design for Humanity

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