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meet us @ unDavos - 15-19 Jan


AI in Action, Big Questions, Climate Wick, Ignite Talks, Venture Day, Davos Burn

CEO I Founder

Dr. Oliver Krause

Speaker, Moderator, Sponsor

Organizer, Sponsor

Dr. Oliver Krause
Dr. Oliver Krause is the initiator and Founder of untitled INC Token Economy Experts & Venture. He is also an LP and Advisor at Smape.Capital. With more than 25 years of experience in innovation & transformation from roles in consulting, VC, Industry & startups he is active as a founder, advisor, and investor. Recently Oliver is focusing on gr33nBASE - a Web3 platform to channel money into greentech and scale solutions for a carbon neutral future. During the World Economic Forum week, he is co-curator of unDavos & Digital Davos. He has been a speaker at conferences like COP28, Crypto Assets Conference, ioT World and more and isa co-producer of the award-winning documentary Cryptopia - Bitcoin Blockchain & the Future of the Internet.

Innovation, Transformation, Token Economy, ESG Investing, Sustainability, Greentch, Industry 4.0, VC

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