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AI in Action

PhD Researcher, Sexual Therapist, Expert of porn and sex addiction, Author, Priest

Pia Rendic


Pia Rendic
I am a PhD researcher, Sexual therapist, Expert on Porn and Sex Addiction, Author and Evangelical-Lutheran Priest who offers therapeutic and training services. As a Sexual therapist, I am focusing in the areas of sex and porn addiction, sexual abuse and healthy relationships and intimacy. My research and research-based books focus on sexual behaviour, human trafficking, porn addiction, infidelity and sexual intimacy. My goal is to create evidence-based research to help inform the public, policymakers, and professionals in the field. As a trainer, I am an expert in the field of human trafficking, pornography, sex and porn addiction, and sexual education. I offer comprehensive courses for target groups such as authorities, social and healthcare staff, students, and other interested individuals. My training provides a deep understanding of the phenomena and provides practical strategies for addressing these issues. My expertise is based on over ten years of working experience at the grass root level with the victims of human trafficking and sex and porn addicts, as well as on my academic research work and publications. I am the founder of Vapauta Uhri ry and Room of Hope, which offer holistic support to the victims of human trafficking. I am also one of the founders and a leading expert in the "Toivu riippuvuudesta" -project, which offers peer support groups for sex and porn addicts and their partners. Currently, I am developing the Free from Porn - Method Rendic (FFP-Method Rendic), which uses artificial intelligence as a part of an addict's recovery.

Mental Health, AI, Start Up, Porn and Sex addiction, Recovery, Holistic Health, Gender based violence

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